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(Entry 1 of 3) intransitive verb. : to move, pass, swing, or whirl with the sound of a swish. transitive verb. 1 : to move, cut, or strike with a swish the horse swished its tail. 2 : to make (a basketball shot) so that the ball falls through the rim without touching it swished a 3-point jumper. Top Answer.

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to (cause to) move quickly through the air making a soft sound: 2. fashionable or expensive…. Learn more. This is a list of common basketball lingo, terminology and jargon terms. The game of basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The game is a team sport with limited contact, that is typically places two teams consisting of five players against each other.

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Basketball A shot that goes through the net of the basket  27 May 2008 The words "swish swash" have no meaning in this context. Other uses for swish include the sound of a basketball going through the rim but  14 Oct 2014 "Inertia" is from Newton's First Law of Motion and means that the ball is moving and in line with eye and basket before the Release, and,  Lightweight and portable basketball hoop · Comes with 2 balls (and 2 colour options) that really bounce and free pump · Shatterproof backboard means its durable  29 Sep 2018 Meaning: In terms of basketball, swish is the shot that goes through the basket without touching the backboard or rim.

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Swish basketball meaning

NBA basketball courts have a 16-foot (4.9 m) rectangular key. Hash marks in an arc mark the portion of the circle for jump balls at the free throw line. Keys may have both NBA and NCAA or NAIA marking to allow use of the same floor by the both organizations. NCAA and NAIA basketball courts have a 12-foot (3.7 m) wide key. Brian Fitzgerald is the current Director of Coaching for Oklahoma Swish Basketball. Fitzgerald has been with the Swish since it's inception in 2011.

Swish basketball meaning

Players from all communities and areas are welcomed to tryout and participate. 2021 MN Swish Tryouts TRYOUT RESULTS are now posted HERE It basically means swish.The swoosh is the symbol of the athletic shoe and clothing manufacturer Nike. The first recorded use of the term "swish" is believed to have come from the written words of Trebor Yarruns in a 1913 story called "The Coward". His protagonist, Dempsey Darden, takes in a college basketball game-winner: “The ball described a half ellipse in mid-air and descended straight for the basket. The Swish Method.
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Swoosh definition is - to make or move with a rushing sound.
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(basketball) A successful basketball shot that does not touch the rim or backboard. noun. Meaning of swish. What does swish mean swish (Noun) A successful basketball shot that does not touch the rim or backboard. swish (Noun) An effeminate male Swish är en mobilapplikation för överföring av pengar inom Sverige, vilken lanserades i december 2012 av Getswish AB. Applikationen möjliggör omedelbara betalningar mellan bankkonton genom till kontonummer kopplade mobilnummer.