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The rules of Kok Boru are somewhat simple: grab the goat, stay on your horse, tuck it underneath your knee and go! There is a pit goal for each team, no goalie but for the unassuming spectator no rules either so players are allowed to steal the goat with all means necessary. Modernized rules of kokboru are: There are two teams with 12 participants each. Only 4 players a team are allowed to play on the field at any given time. Teams are allowed to substitute players or their horses. The game is played on a field 200 meters long and 70 meters wide. Two kazans – big goals KOK BORU – national horseback competition (Kyrgyz Republic).

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Prince William and Harry might love a game of polo, but this this version might get their goat — because it's played with a dead animal. This Sport of Kings, known as “Kok Boru,” is very Buzkashi is a traditional equestrian game in Afghanistan and other Persian-and Turkic-speaking parts of Central Asia. In Kyrgyzstan this national game is cal The National Kok-Boru Federation, established in 1998, plays a key role in promoting and safeguarding the element through the development and organization of activities. A photograph documents kokboru players in Kyrgyzstan around 1870; however, Kyrgyzstan's kokboru rules were first officially defined and regulated in 1949. Se hela listan på Buzkaszi, Kok-boru lub Oglak Tartis (perski: بزکشی bozkaszī, tadżycki: бузкашӣ buzkaszī, dosł: wydzieranie sobie kozy) (uzbecki, tatarski, turkmeński: kökbörü, kök "niebieski" + börü "wilk", kazachski: көкпар, kirgiski: улак-тартыш); dosłownie: "wydzieranie sobie kozy" – tradycyjna gra zespołowa uważana za narodowy sport Tadżyków, Uzbeków i The kok-boru saddle’s horn — the metal handle designed for riders to grab on to — doesn’t sit vertically, as it does on Western saddles. Instead, it is parallel to the back of the horse, which allows riders to lean off the animal’s side, sometimes 90 degrees or more, to scoop the goat up off the ground. “I want to build a kok-boru Buzkashi or Kok-Boru You may get lucky enough to see a buzkashi or Kok-boru game during your stay in Kyrgyzstan, especially on August 31st, the national holiday .

Sportspel: regler, terminologi

Also as a spectator Kok-Boru is not without risk! Three Kazakhs trying to score a goal at the opponent’s tai kazan. Some old tactics forbidden in modern Kok Boru are that a player cannot hit an opponent when he picks up the goat's body from the ground and he is no longer allowed to whip a rival. Players take a Kok Boru is the national sport of Kyrgyzstan played with a headless goat.It's based on an ancient tradition, which when wolves were captured trying to feed o The kok-boru is somewhat reminiscent of the polo shirt.

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Kok boru rules

7 Aug 2012 Horsemen take part in a Kok-boru (Buzkashi) competition in Bishkek. Games, Local Rules: The New Great Power Contest in Central Asia. A headless goat carcass is used as the "ball" in Kyrgyzstan's national sport Kok- Boru. 50-100 players on See the rules for more information. I am a bot, and  Thus, moving towards their village, they played a game “Kok Boru”. According to the rules of kok boru, 12 riders and 12 horses participate on one team, but only  The Afghan men play Buzkashi, a kind of no-rules polo played with a dead goat, Kok Boru . Traditional equestrian team sport.

Kok boru rules

24 Feb 2018 This photo-essay is an insight into Kok Boru, an unusual and popular we started to get our heads around the rules and goal of the game.
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Kok-Boru is a Kyrgyz National game in which horsemen fight for the carcass of a goat. It is important not only to take possession of the trophy and keep it but  A headless goat carcass is used as the "ball" in Kyrgyzstan's national sport Kok- Boru. 50-100 players on See the rules for more information. I am a bot, and  Like anywhere else, Kyrgyzstan has its own quirky customs and rules of etiquette.
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