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auto test3 = value3;. Array es5 ∙ es2015.core ∙ es2015.iterable ∙ es2015.symbol.wellknown ∙ es2016.array.include ∙ esnext.array (interface) ∙ Array (const); ArrayBuffer  30 extern CGV_API cgv::render::render_types::mat4 get_texture_transform(const vr_kit* vr_kit_ptr, const vr_kit_state& state, float z_near, float z_far, int eye, bool  name: *const c_char) -> gpointer> entityDecl: Option BorrowMut for T where (This used to * include sys/stdtypes.h but that doesn't exist on older versions * of CONST VOID *s2, size_t n)); extern char * memcpy _ANSI_ARGS_((VOID *t,  3/f,function/ --regex-coffee=/^[ \t]*(([A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9_.] [ \t]*=[ \t]*new/\1/V,Variable,Variables/b --regex-javascript=/^[ \t]*const[ \t]\{1  3/f,function/ --regex-coffee=/^[ \t]*(([A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9_.] [ \t]*=[ \t]*new/\1/V,Variable,Variables/b --regex-javascript=/^[ \t]*const[ \t]\{1  173, extern int *fe_detect(const mesh_t & mesh,const triangle_t * & , const list_t & list,const grid_t & grid,double *t,double *p,int npositions);. 174, extern int  Public Member Functions. mat3 (const mat3< T > &v). mat3 (T na, T nb, T nc, T nd, T ne, T nf, T ng, T nh, T ni). mat3 (const vec3< T > &row0, const vec3< T >  20 extern void * generic_memmove ( void *dest, const void *src,. 21 size_t len ) __nonnull;.

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vektor (const vektor &v);. vektor (int n, const T &val);. ~vektor ();. T& operator[] (unsigned index) const;.

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typedef int(*, Comparator )(const T *, const T *). typedef base_iterator< T, true >, iterator.

mgemm.h session12/page01/hpc/ulmblas/mgemm.h

Const t

Transposes a matrix. More size_t, total () const. Returns the total number of array elements. More. Public Member Functions. void, Init (const std::string &name, T default_value, double min=0, double max=0, int flags=1, bool logscale=false). operator const T &  5 Nov 2019 Casting a *const T to *mut T may lead to memory corruption since it allows mutation of shared state.

Const t

QLinkedList:: ~QLinkedList Destroys the list. References to the values in the list, and all iterators over this list, become invalid. void QLinkedList:: append (const T &value) Inserts value at the end of Handle to an Azure Kinect transformation context. Remarks Handles are created with k4a_transformation_create() and closed with k4a_transformation_destroy(). The transformation handle is used to transform images from the coordinate system of one camera into the other.
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OTB: otbImageFileReader.h Source File - Orfeo ToolBox

122 137 void PrintSelf(std::ostream& os, itk::Indent indent) const override;. 138. 140 void  const Polynom& p); friend std::istream& operator>>(std::istream& i, Polynom& t(0), antal(0) {} Polynom(double koeff, int grad); Polynom(const Polynom& p);  virtual ~Orthopyroxene(); 00030 const int NCOMP; 00032 const int DIOPSIDE; 00060 00063 extern void conOpx(int inpMask,int outMask,double t,double p,  59 extern const char * mlt_audio_format_name( mlt_audio_format format );.